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Digital Signage (dynamic marketing)

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A solution which enables our customers to establish an innovative communication channel with their public at the point of sale by means of devices such screens, projectors and totems. With the above, our customers can promote the memory of their brand and their special offers among their own customers, as well as connecting with their target audience as a result of the great attraction the digital content generates.

What benefits does it have?

bulletIt improves the brand image: by modernizing the image with a state-of-the-art communication channel which enhances the personality of the brand by means of the contents.

bulletIt strengthens the impact of the messages: by allowing customers to publish the special offers at the moment they are needed and constantly gearing their customers’ purchases to their objectives.

bulletIt facilitates content management: with tools enabling them to manage their communication channel autonomously and immediately.

bulletIt increases income: by increasing the impact on potential customers and improving the conversion rates for visits and sales.


Digital Tags

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What is it?

A dynamic digital labelling solution which allows our customers to signpost their products and special deals on small-format screens in a manner which is highly attractive for the consumer and streamlined for the employee.

What benefits does it have?

* increases efficiency by reducing the times to update the displays, getting rid of human errors in the labelling and eliminating the paper and printing costs of traditional labelling.

* Content integrity. This allows our customers, in an immediate and centralized manner, to update the contents of all their tags in a streamlined and dynamic way.

* Innovation in the image of the point of sale by modernizing the image of the point of sale and adapting it to the digital environment.

* It improves the customer experience by making the point of sale different from the competition’s and offering the user a unique shopping experience.

* It increases sales by increasing the conversion rates for in-store contents, with dynamic and innovative shop windows suited to the brand image.

* It improves the communication of the point of sale by using the screens distributed throughout the store to establish an extra communication channel for the special offers and campaigns.